Tuesday, November 25, 2008


For those who are having difficulty using CellSpin ... you might be interested in using "twitterfone" a FREE service that requires you to register your mobile phone number and twitter account.

By calling a number in the 703 (VA) area code, you will be able to record a short message which will be both recorded and transcribed to your twitter page/account.

Since this site is in BETA, I am looking forward to them adding increased functionality like RSS twitterfone streams that listeners/readers can subscribe to ...


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Advanced ANGEL topics!

A full day of ANGLE training today with Whitney Kilgore ... and the seven participants seem to be enjoying every moment. Today's topic is Advanced ANGEL and explores the advanced tools as well as rapid instructional design. Photos to follow ...


I don't know! When is the last time you ever heard someone use this B.G. (Before Google) catchphrase. I just realized that one justification for micro-learning and micro-lecturing is the use of "googlespeak" or the sharing of google search words ... "you should google mind numbing experience"