Tuesday, August 08, 2006

BlogTalk Radio

OK, now it is as easy as making a telephone call … while I thought pod-calling would be all the craze, the idea of creating podshows by having the host call a toll number (NYC) and then having listeners call a different toll number (NYC), streaming the call LIVE and even archiving for later playback is the ultimate synchronous podcasting experience!

BlogTalk Radio went live on July 25, 2006 and yesterday (August 7, 2006) finally got their full audio archiving feature functioning. Alan Levy (CEO) and his remarkable team deserve to be recognized as major innovators for podcasting in 2006! This sounds good right? Well, add that you can have up to 500 callers at once! Add that you can control upto 5 active callers (mic made live)! Add that revenue generated from building your audience and show, will be split 50/50 with you the host! Add that it is completely FREE, except the toll call!

Amazing technology and practical applications.


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